Friday, 18 December 2015

Actress Jane Seymour 64 Divorces Fourth Husband

The 64-year-old actress and her fourth husband began proceedings for their legal separation in 2013 and have now finally agreed on a settlement with their finances and mutual assets, according to report reaching us.

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Actress Jane Seymour with husband

Actress Jane Seymour with husband at a public function

Actress Jane Seymour with husband

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Will Smith Says His Kids Stopped Listening to Him ‘a Long Time Ago’

Will Smith’s fatherly advice might be falling on deaf ears these days. 
The Concussion star attended the NYC premiere of his new drama on Wednesday, December 16, where he talked about seeing the film through a parent’s eyes.

Willow, Jaden, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith pictured at the All Political Prisoners

Will Smith with his wife Jada and kids Willow and Jaden

Will Smith bans kids from hanging out with Jenners

Proud pap Will Smith posed with his kids, Trey, Jaden, and Willow

Actor Will Smith uses all kinds of inspiration to help create his characters in different movies
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America Best Music Rappers - Free Video and Download

                                                                        Yellow Claw
Yellow Claw talks about their new EP, working as a trio, and stalking Rick

TY Dollar Sign
Ty Dolla Sign top new songs list and upcoming albums and events in 2015-2016

Tyga (Rapper and Music Artist)

Tyga Says Label Problems Interfered With "Gold Album: 18th Dynasty"

DJ Mustard

DJ Mustard Says “Fancy” And “Classic Man” Are Rip Offs Of His Style

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Nursery Rhymes Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Songs With Lyrics

Nursery Rhymes Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Songs With Lyrics

Nursery Rhymes Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Songs with lyrics Watch the video now!

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