How Geno Smith's Jaw was broken by Enemkpali Ikemefuna

An altercation ensued between Geno Smith and Enemkpali Ikemefuna which led to Geno breaking his jaw. The story has it that Smith, who will miss at least six to 10 weeks with two fractures in his jaw, accepted a $600 plane ticket from IK Enemkpali to appear at the reserve linebacker's football camp in Pflugerville, Texas, on July 11, according to sources. Problems arose when Smith did not show to the camp, which took place days after someone close to Smith was killed in an auto accident in Miami according to the report.

After Smith did not attend, Enemkpali demanded that the Jets quarterback refund him the $600 he allegedly used to purchase the plane ticket. 

                                                                            Enemkpali Ikemefuna

Smith told Enemkpali he would reimburse him the money, but he had not as of Tuesday morning. 

Enkempali confronted Smith on Tuesday about the money, and the confrontation ended in a punch and a broken jaw. Broken Jaw to Force Geno Smith to Miss 18–30 Turnovers.

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Nursery Rhymes Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Songs With Lyrics

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